#InvisibleChallenge Is Making The Internet Go Crazy, And You Might Want To Try It Too

6:09 pm 12 Sep, 2018


Internet if full of crazy stuff! Every now and then our feeds make us believe how bizzare people can be and upto what level they can go to be popular. Every now and then we see people taking up different weird internet challenge and doing crazy things. Remember how the ‘Kiki Challenge‘ made people go mad and even put their lives on stake? Now, there is another challenge which is doing rounds on the internet and making people go crazy! This challenge is known as the #InvisibleChallenge.

Wonder what this is all about? Well, this challenge is started by American magician Justin Willman who makes believe people that they have gone invisible, through one of his magic tricks. Read below to know more about this new weird internet challenge.



People on the internet are now sharing the videos of the pranks they are playing on other people especially their siblings. The #InvisibleChallenge is one of the most weird challenges that has every happened.



Take a look at how magician Justin Willman made people believe that they have gone invisible:



This video has now gone viral and the challenge has become a craze amongst the people. The trend is now becoming common and social media is a proof of that. Checkout some more viral clips of #InvisibleChallenge.



That’s fun!



Seems a fine trick!







So gullible






He believed it!






Now this looks like a super cool challenge. The reactions by these kids are winning hearts and people are just laughing their hearts out. Do you think this challenge should be encouraged or it looks a bit mean?