5 Weird Apps Released In 2018 That Are Strangely Useful Till Now!

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Updated on 14 Jan, 2019 at 4:53 pm


Just when you think the internet cannot get any weirder, it absolutely can. While 2018 saw the release of some very creative apps, there were also quite a number of weird apps that proved that people with crazy ideas are also not in lack. Here are five such weird apps released in 2018 that quickly became popular because of how strange the ideas were behind the apps as well as their somewhat usefulness. Also, it is a mind-boggling reality that despite their insanely narrow niche, they still have a huge number of takers.


1. Rent a Boy|Friend




If you are lonely and depressed, RABF (Rent a Boy|Friend) can cure you, at least that is what the founders of this app are claiming. Launched in August 2018, the app allows the users, who want to talk to someone or to have someone to give them company, to hire a boyfriend. They founders played it safe by not launching a similar app to rent a girlfriend or things might have gotten out of hand.

The renting of a boyfriend, however, comes with the conditions that there cannot be sex or private place meetings. According to your budget, you can choose whether to hire a celebrity, a model or an aam-aadmi (not to be confused with the political party) and it doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl.

Sadly for many, the service is only available in Mumbai and Pune for now. If you are not from these two cities but are depressed, you can take a wiser and more practical approach and see a psychiatrist instead.


2. Die With Me



No, Die With Me is not an app that encourages mass suicide but is a chatting app that only becomes functional once your phone’s battery hits 5% or is lower than that. Launched in January 2018, the app connects you to strangers in a chatroom who are, like you, suffering from low batteries and give you a company in the moments of hopelessness till your phone or theirs’ shut down or rather die. It is a paid app available both on Android and iOS.


3. Who Does



Who doesn’t like to duck responsibilities if there is an option? Who Does app can provide a perfect escape to those who are pro at procrastination or are ridiculously lazy. The app converts a task that needs to be done into a multiplayer game and whoever loses has to do the task for which the game was created.

The rules are simple. You choose a challenge, which can be doing the dishes, vacuuming, buying the groceries or anything else and add players. After the challenge is created, you play a set of mini-games via the app to determine the loser. The poor loser then does the work.


4. Alive With Me



Alive With Me is literally the opposite of Die With Me and is certainly inspired by it. Similar to Die With Me, Alive With Me is an app to chat with complete strangers but unlike Die With Me, you are only able to enter the chatroom if your phone battery is at 95% or more than that, thus bringing a positive spin to the concept. Also, unlike Die With Me, Alive With Me is not a paid app.


5. WeCroak



WeCroak tries to make you happy by reminding you of death five times a day. Yes, you read that right! The app is inspired by a Bhutanese saying which says that to become a happy person, you must contemplate about death five times a day, and it does exactly that. WeCroak sends five invitations each day to you reminding you of your mortality at unpredictable times between 7 AM and 10 PM, just like death. If you choose to open the app on receiving an invitation, you will come across an uplifting quote about death from a notable thinker, philosopher or poet.


Are you inspired to use any among this weird app? Know a weird app that didn’t find a place in the list? Mention that in the comment section.


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