20 Weirdest Addictions Of People From Around The World

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10:00 am 13 Aug, 2015

If you love the addictive smell of Vicks Vapour rub and consider it to be the wackiest and strangest addiction you know then you had no idea about the addictions of these people. Some of the worst addictions of the people around the world includes sniffing diapers to eating dirt from ground. Some love drinking nail paints while other relish drinking blood! Yeew… Well, have a look at the strangest addictions of people from around the world.

1. Julia Caples, a 45-year-old woman, admitted to drinking nearly two litres of human blood everyday. And she has been doing this from past 30 years!


2. Luis Squarisi, a 42-year-old Brazilian, loves to smell dead bodies. He even had to quit this job, to feed his addiction.


3. Carrie loves drinking urine, which gives her a boost of energy. Over the last four years, she has consumed 900 gallons of her own urine.


4. Lisa is addicted to licking her cat and eating the cat’s hair and she cannot spend a day without doing so.


5. For the last 15 years, Michelle has been addicted of drinking pig and human blood. She became addicted to when she accidentally tasted pig’s blood.


6. Pies made out of dirt are common dish for some people in Haiti, who eat these mud-made pies on a daily basis.


7. Nicole, 26, loves to pull out the hunks of dry wall to eat them. This addiction has left her home with big holes.


8. A man named Davecat is in love with Sidor, with whom he sleeps, eats and stays together. Surprisingly, Sidor is a doll made out of plastic.


9. Jaye, a 28-year-old, is addicted to snorting baby powder at least 10 times a day. She developed this addiction 16 years ago.


10. Jade Sylvester is addicted to eat and smell toilet papers and even sometimes eats an entire roll in a day.


11. Josh loves eating glasses and it is said he has consumed more than 100 glasses and 250 light bulbs till now.


12. Bertha, 23, drinks nail polish after she gets thirsty. Bertha drinks 5 bottles of nail paint each day and she loves to drink blue flavour or anything with glitter in it.


13. Lacey, a 24-year-old, has an addiction of rubbing doll’s head over her face, and she does this all day long.


14. Casie loves to eat ashes of her dead husband. She has stored the ashes in a container and carries it with her throughout the day.


15. Nathaniel, 27, is in love with his car to the point that he even has sex with it.


16. Julius has been in love with balloons for decades now. Over fifty thousand balloons at his home fulfil his sexual desires.


17. US Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that many people around the world have a addiction of chewing ice cubes.


18. Many people are addicted to tanning. Most of them can be found on the beaches.


19. Trina and Mike Elliot are addicted to coffee enema. They absorb the caffeine directly into main blood stream.


20. Some 11 million people from around the world have a habit of pulling their hair. This addiction is called Trichotillomania.


So, did you know about these strange addictions? Thankfully, I’m normal here!



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