Meet The Wedding Planners Who Conceptualized Virat-Anushka’s Italian Wedding

2:10 pm 14 Dec, 2017


Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma entered into wedlock on December 11. Though there were strong speculations in the media, the entire ceremony was kept a complete hush-hush. The news of their marriage got an official confirmation only when the couple took to social media and announced it themselves.



Now, when the two high profile celebrities are finally married, we completely understand why the duo chose Tuscany and and kept it a completely secretive affair.


What we commend more is the fact that the people involved in the wedding, were able to maintain this secret as well. Netizens are stalking the right profiles and keeping an eye out for any new information about #VirushkaKiShadi. Amidst all this people are also talking about the wedding planner who planned such an extravagant affair. We have got the right information for you!



Well, it was Devika Narain, a young girl from Lucknow, who is well-known for planning celebrity weddings.

Devika, along with her husband Joseph Radhik, conceptualized this wedding and planned it out. Photographs of the event scream about what an amazing job this couple did.




What we commend, additionally, is the professionalism of this couple. Devika’s father says that even he had no clue that his daughter and son-in-law were planning the wedding! Way to go Devika and Joseph!

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