10 Fashion Statements That Will Make You The Centre Of Attraction In Every Wedding

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Updated on 29 Aug, 2018 at 2:14 pm


The wedding season is back with a bang! As the wedding invites pile up on your living room table, and you scratch your head wondering which ones you should attend and which ones you should ignore, another thought occurs to you: What in the world should you wear that will make you the cynosure of all the eyes at the wedding? Yes, you intend to shine brighter than the bride, if you can!


1. Bring back that sari

Recently, the trend at Indian weddings has shifted to anarkalis (and they are definitely gorgeous). But pull out that sari! It is sheer elegance, and you can get away with showing ample amounts of skin without any of the aunties at the wedding batting an eyelid. Show off your svelte bod in a sari this wedding season.


Fashion Statement

2. Corset Blouses

Corsets have been making a slow comeback in the fashion circles. Gone are the days when peeping lingerie was a cause for shame. With the right dressy corset, you can team it with a lehenga, or even a sari, to make a bold fashion statement at a wedding.

Corset Blouse

3. Oxidized Silver

Oxidised Silver

Silver jewellery does not get its fair share of credit on the wedding circuit. It is simplistic, yet adds so much pizzazz to your outfit. Oxidized silver looks more like it is classically antique jewellery, which practically ensures that you will be the envy of every woman at the wedding.



4. Glove Jewellery

And if you really want to stand out in a sea of faces, try glove jewellery. Not so popular in India, it is still the perfect accessory to have as it keeps you warm in the chilly winter weddings and adds that extra bit of glamour. Plus, it saves you a ton of effort in trying to locate the perfect rings to go with your outfit.

Glove Jewellery

5. Solid contrast colors

The last wedding I attended, every woman looked like a butterfly. Don’t get me wrong, they all looked stunning. However, by keeping it simple and choosing two colors you are bound to stand out at any soiree you need to attend. Not to mention, look extremely chic while doing it. Pick a black and white sari/blouse combo, keeping all the embellishments to a minimum and see who catches the eye of all the singles out there.

6. Long sleeved blouses

Long sleeved blouses add that extra oomph when you show off the rest of your curves, with the added advantage of keeping you warmer than the rest of your contemporaries. Wear a solid black long sleeved blouse with a lehenga or a sari, and you will have to swim your way through the sea of suitors who will come-a-knocking.

Long sleeve blouse

7. Juttis

Juttis are another classic that has sadly been relegated to the back of our closets as of late. It is time to dust them off and bring them back with a bang. They can be teamed with virtually any outfit, be it saris, Patiala suits, anarkalis. They can be found with beautiful embroidery and stunning array of colors to match all your wedding needs.


8. Pakistani Suits

Oh, how my heart longs to see more women wear this classically stunning outfit. Pakistani suits, as the name suggests, are a Pakistani import. With their clean, long lines, not only do they make you look taller and skinnier, they are also almost completely absent at Indian weddings. Do yourself a favour and invest in one of these beautiful outfits today.

9. Turtleneck Blouses

It’s the middle of winter, ladies! If you’re wearing a sari or a lehenga this wedding season, make sure you invest in at least one blouse that is a turtle neck. They look absolutely stunning and make your neck look long and graceful. This is a must have for this chilly wedding season.


10. Less bling

Ladies, it’s time to pack the bling away. It had its time in the sun, and we thoroughly enjoyed wearing them and showing them off. But don’t you think it’s time to go back to the “less is more” philosophy? Wearing plain, classically cut outfits will make you stand out at any of the events at a wedding, and will definitely have you feeling appreciated for your bold fashion choices.


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