5 Wedding Day Disasters You Don’t Want Happening To You

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 7:14 pm


Every woman grows up dreaming about the magical day that will be her wedding day. Who will be her Prince Charming, will she wear Sabyasachi or Manish Malhotra, will it be a destination wedding extravaganza? The hours of meticulous planning and shopping and locating the perfect wedding photographers and caterers and venues finally pay off. D-Day arrives, as do the families, en masse and excitement levels are through the roof. But then, disaster strikes!

1. Being hungover from the Mehndi ceremony the other day

2. Mother Nature spoils your day

You opted for a beautiful outdoors wedding, among the tress and nature. Alas, you didn’t quite anticipate that this would also be the day that the rain gods decided to bless your wedding, albeit not in a manner you wished for.

Mother Nature

3. You get stuck in traffic and then…


You may arrive at your wedding to find that your fiancé got tired of waiting for you to show up and married your cousin instead!

Traffic woes

4. Being too skinny for your own good

Your choli is too loose. You run around the room like a headless chicken, shrieking wordlessly at the wedding gods.

5. Trials and tribulations with makeup

The artist par-excellence makes you look like a cross between one of the extras from Michael Jacksons video, Thriller, and a ghost from a terrible B grade Hindi horror movie.

5. Trials and tribulations with makeup



But the one thought that keeps you going after each disaster is simple: you get to go home with your wonderful husband and your happily ever after!