This Bizarre Wedding Saw Two Trek Enthusiasts Taking Saat Pheras Hanging To A Rope In The Air

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4:54 pm 1 Aug, 2016

Weddings in India promise to never get old and boring. They will re-invent themselves to fit the changing times and make news for their bizarre set-ups and revamped traditions.

This time, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, was in the news for this unique marriage of a couple who couldn’t keep their thrill for mountain cliffs away even on their wedding day.

No, they did not choose a hill station. They chose a cliff hanger in the air.

Jaydeep and Reshma have been to a number of treks in the past since each of them is a trekker on their own. So, when it came to the wedding, they decided they’ll take it a notch up- 200 feet almost.

The couple took their bullet bike to reach a small, quaint town of Shewdi which lies 65 kilometres away from Kohlapur. Jaydeep decided to get married at this very place hanging to a rope 200 feet high.

Of course, the panditji too had to hang himself right there with the bride and groom while they took saat pheras in the midst of clouds, fog and faint voices of 100 baraatis down below.

Talk about, getting high on love!

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