Do You Too Hate Shaving? 15 Thoughts You Will Totally Absolutely Relate With

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8:54 pm 5 Sep, 2016

Whoever said that being a man is easy, was either not a man or not normal!

Our day begins by doing the thing we hate most – shaving off our beards.

It’s like dragging a sharp piece of steel across your face every morning and losing a part of you that is so precious and even scared to your manhood.

If you fall into this league of men, you’ll totally relate with these 15 things:

1. Don’t I look sexier in a beard?

2. Why does my office not let me keep a beard?

3. I should apply for a creative job. These guys grow beards all the time

It looks so cool.

4. Oops, i’ve cut my face again

5. Have i missed out any spot today?

6. Ahh, the mess I’ve created in the sink

A sink full of tiny hair

7.  Ohh the weekend, I don’t have to shave now

8. Ohh shit, she won’t let me have it

She can’t kiss a face that pokes her skin

giphy (3)

9. Shit, even my mom won’t let me have it 

10. I should run away from home, and grow a beard

11. I will look so hot in a beard…….

giphy (4)

12.  What if girls like my beard?

13. Did she really say that?

14. Actually, it does start itching in a few days

15. And now they will call me ‘chikna

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