11 Ways To Win Over A Piscean Girl

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Updated on 7 Mar, 2016 at 11:01 am


One of the easiest zodiac signs to read, Pisceans instantly capture the hearts of people they meet. And if it’s a woman, may God help you! You won’t be able to resist her charm. Or have you fallen for her already?

No worries. We are here to help you woo her:


1. Crawl before you walk and walk before you run.

First things first! Focus on building a comfortable friendship first. Gradually take it further; Piscean women do not like to be rushed and backed into a corner.


2. A spark of kindness will start a fire of love.

Kindness is the stuff these girls are made of. So, naturally, you’ve got to be genuinely kind to all around you and soon a place for you will blossom in her heart.


3. Chivalry is the only wingman you need.

Good old ways of chasing a girl impress her the most. If you are the kind of guy who likes pulling out a chair or opening the car door for girls, you’re sure to make a good impression.


4. Believe that you CAN and you are halfway there.

Confident and cool – these are the two things that magnetize her. Just don’t lose yourself and she’ll come your way.


5. Walk in your truth.

Whatever are your intentions, be upfront. Transparency is what a Piscean girl appreciates the most.



6. Being in love never goes out of fashion.

She believes in the idea of ‘love’ to the bones. Make her feel valued, loved and cared for and she’ll make you the center of her universe. There is hardly any chance that she won’t.


7. Commitment is the glue that binds her.

Chase her only if you are ready to commit, if for not seven then at least one complete lifetime. She doesn’t do flings; it’s not her thing – all’s long term with her.


8. The truth comes to her, the truth loves her.

She is famed for her powerful psychic intuition. Whatever you do – do NOT lie to her for she despises it a whole lot. You make one mistake early on in a relationship that has just sprouted up and you’re done. Just saying.


9. Conversation is food for her soul.

Can you pull off some whole-hearted conversations? Go ahead and bare your soul. This is one sure shot way to connect to her on a deeper level.


10. Surprises are better than promises.

She loves surprises. She adores them. Every single one of them! Any impromptu gig on your part is set to make her day but yes, keep your promises too.


11. Her mind is fierce and her spirit brave.

Don’t let her delicate presence fool you. Inside the outer persona of this ‘girlie’ girl resides an incredibly strong woman you’ll have to respect like a lady.