9 Creative Ways To Use An Empty Water Bottle

Updated on 18 Jan, 2018 at 4:50 pm


Why cry over spilt milk? Or better yet, why dispose of an empty water bottle? Yes most of them are made of plastic but isn’t it even more imperative that we find a use it for them? And believe me; empty water bottles are not boring. There’s a host of things you can do with them, both conventional and otherwise. Here’re 9 things that’ll tickle your mind.

9. Bird Feeder

A neat trick for you bird lovers involves just a couple of spoons and an empty bottle. Poke a few holes in them and fill it up with bird seed. The spoons should be inserted in such a way that the seeds slowly roll onto the spoon, making it easy for birds to feed on them. It doesn’t occupy much space and will fit perfectly bear your kitchen window or a balcony. The only unavoidable side effects might be the bird poop scattered everywhere.

8. Candle Holders

Don’t bother denying it. I’m sure all of us have burnt our hands holding a candle up in the dark, and it gets quite irritating at times. So why not put that empty bottle to use? Another simple way to use them would be to cut out the top half, invert it and place the candle into the depression under the bottle. Quite nifty, especially if you’re feeling romantic and want to set up an impromptu candle light dinner.

7. Insect Trap

Feeling jobless? Trying to find a purpose for your existence? Why not make an insect fly trap? It’s simple. Just cut the upper half of any bottle and invert it over the bottom half. Make two small holes on the side of the bottle and place two wire ends in the holes. Fill the bottle with any sweet liquid and set the bottle in any open space. It’s a well-known fact that insects have a tougher time flying upward. Once they enter the bottle, you’ve pretty much got them trapped. Gosh, can life be more exciting?!?!?

6. Desk Organizer

You don’t have to shell out hundreds of rupees to be organized, just use whatever is lying around. In this case, you can cut an empty bottle into two pieces by any dimension and use them as a pen, pencil or scissor holder. It’s easy, smart and quick to do. Just make sure to wrap them in decorative. Don’t leave them lying around in that fashion. Why, that would just be absurd!

5. Solar Bottle Light Bulb


There’s nothing like a little bleach on a dark day. Cut your bottle in half, dab some bleach and add a cup full of water to any half of the bottle. Cut a hole in the ceiling which will perfectly fit this half of the bottle and attach the bottle through the hole using super glue or any other strong adhesive. A light will fit perfectly through the bottle and illuminate the room brilliantly. In a post-apocalyptic world, you’d be a savior of mankind with one of these.

4. Juicer

Who says you can’t multi-task with a useless object? Ever heard of a Poland Spring water bottle? Well if you happen to have one of em and don’t know what to do, just slice any part of the bottle off and PRESTO, you have a juicer. Their bottles have a unique design which you can easily capitalize on. It’s interesting how bottles serve other purposes better than their own.

3. Yarn Holder

This one is dedicated specially to all those knitters out there. There’s never a good place to store all that yarn. Sometimes they just roll and dismantle automatically. But fear not for empty bottles are on the way. Cut the neck portion of any bottle and store the yarn safely in the bottles. It even stores the needles well. Wow, it’s like we’re building a solution for everything with empty water bottles.

2. Science Project

Most popularly tested since the early 2008’s, every boy dreams of one day throwing a pack of mentos into a 2 liter coke bottle and running for safety. But what if this was to work to your advantage? Imagine one of your kids has to turn in a science project. Why not paint the bottle to look like a volcano and cut the bottom half off? Then stuff the lower part in some mud, cover it up and shoot the mentos in like a noble sacrifice. Sounds too good to be true!

1. Bongs!!

And the winner of the bottle sculpting competition is….bongs! They’re still the most popular invention from a bottle known to man. It has served us since time immemorial and will continue to do so for many a generation. Mostly used to smoke tobacco and the occasional grass leaf, bongs can also double as the perfect DIY (do it yourself) gift. Know any party animals in town? Then for sure a bong should be your next gift to them, and they will be humbled, I assure you.