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You Are Unknowingly Screwing Up Your Life In These 15 Ways

Updated on 31 January, 2016 at 12:44 pm By

You do things that you thought were right but came out in a very wrong way. You sometimes listen to others and don’t follow your heart and that’s when you totally screw up your life. Doesn’t mean you heart is always correct, sometimes it also becomes a reason for messing things up!



1. You don’t want to express your feelings because you think that it will ruin your friendship.

Believe me, your silence is already ruining your life.



2. There is no point showing your love to her, when she has already said that she doesn’t have feelings for you.

Your extra care and attention won’t make any difference.




3. Your parents, friends or family just forced you into it.

You acted on their suggestions, even though you never wanted to.



4. Believe me you can’t keep everyone happy!

Keep yourself happy, that’s easier.



5. When you look up from your phone/tab/notebook, your loved ones may not be around.

Switch off the gadgets spend sometime with them.



6. Speak up against whatever’s wrong with the world around you.

Not speaking up will make the criminal confident enough to commit another crime.



7. You need to have a plan for things to work out.

Your planning will give you the spirit to follow it.



8. Money is not everything.

There is happiness in many things other than money.



9. You are not a dustbin that is meant to be used.

Find your identity, build your self, become everything you want to be.



10. One lie will lead to another.

A bitter truth is better than a sugar coated lie.



11. Be true to yourself. Don’t fake it to fit in with the crowd.

Being fake doesn’t pan out in the long run.



12. Having a dream gives meaning to life.

Follow your dreams so that you won’t regret it when you’re old.



13. Beauty lies in simplicity.

Showing off will only attract fake people and not real friends!



14. Learn from your mistakes.

Don’t let people hurt you over and over again.




15. Saying no will let people know how you feel about things.

Sometimes it’s good to take a stand.



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