12 Creative Ways In Which You Can Reuse/Recycle Solid Waste And Make Your Environment Swachh

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7:35 pm 30 Sep, 2016

Whenever we see the failing health of nature, we promise ourselves that we will do THIS and we will do THAT to save the environment. But when it comes to initiating an active plan, our eco-friendly thoughts fade away.

We start to wonder ‘How can the efforts of just one person better the environment?’. Fine, it sounds impractical but if each of us thinks in a similar way then the change we want to see is not feasible. Each of us has a responsibility. After all, every drop counts.

So, how can we start our role?

The answer to this is a bit clichéd yet clear-cut – RECYCLE. 

Also, we value that charity begins at home. Then, why not start recycling the solid waste like plastics, wood, glass at the household level? Because if we don’t, all the junk will end up in the landfills. And due to excessive segregation, the landfills become a toxic territory and pollute the air.

Hence, to breathe clean  air, do your bit to reduce the waste by recycling your basic necessities in these 12 effective ways:

1. Your unused CDs can make your dining plate look more sparkling and decorative. Don’t trash them.



2. The unused plastic bottles can help you set up a plantation on the walls.



3. Why buy a bookshelf when an old ladder can serve the same purpose? Also, it looks more urbane and trendy.



4. A plastic bottle can feed a bird.



5. A broken plant pot can open new doors of creativity.



6. Your outdated tyres can decide your time.



7. No need to buy a pen stand.



8. Transform your obsolete bulbs into oil lamps.



9. A candle is just a cap away.



10. Paint your broken part of the chair and use it to hang things in your kitchen/washroom.



11. Beer bottles can vitalize your home, not just your mind!



12. Books are the gift of God then why not embrace them?



I hope these creative ways have inspired you with new recycling goals. Therefore, to make your contribution to the environment more valuable, you can use the services of a waste management company ‘Extracarbon’. Their objective is to collect all the solid waste from homes and transport it to the factories where they can be recycled.

And what’s more, you can earn cash and credits in return of your waste at their shopping entity,‘Jhoomley’. It is the best place to shop for brand-new home appliances, beauty products, fashion clothes, etc.

They have the simple mantra – SELL YOUR TRASH AND EARN CASH.

What an amazing idea! Right, guys?

To make the best of their services, call at their toll-free number : 1800-30701065. You can request a quick pick-up online by filling their online form right here. Their representative will visit your place and collect the solid waste.

Goodbye to kabaadiwalas!


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