10 Ways To Propose A Girl Or Boy If You’re An Introvert

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Updated on 17 Apr, 2015 at 1:14 pm


Like someone a lot but stuck because of being an introvert? Stop thinking that being an introvert has got anything to do with falling in love. You are as much an eligible candidate as anyone else is. Here are few tips, which you might wish to consider for approaching your love interest.


1. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

Be yourself and she will like that about you!

2. Express yourself through a letter.

Words are all I have to take your heart away.

3. Propose her in person.


Just to let her know that her love gave you the guts to express your feelings face-to-face.

4. If you are too shy, you can send your message through radio.

She will consider it a bold move, to have disclosed your feelings in front of thousands of people.

5. Practice what you want to say rather than mumble in front of her.

6. Don’t go by the ‘love rule book’.

If you think you would want to do things a little differently, do it!

7. Do your homework.

Put your efforts in understanding her interests, her likes, dislikes.

8. Don’t force her for a ‘yes’.

Of course, you can wait!

9. Be chivalrous.

Women like men who know how to behave!

10. Appreciate her.

Don’t come up with any cheesy pick-up lines.


1. Start with a simple conversation.

Initiate your talks with something casual before landing on the three magic words.

2. Use the internet to reach out to him.

Add him friends on Facebook.

3. Don’t stop being shy.

Some guys adore shyness in girls.

4. Don’t lie about yourself.

You don’t want to be double-faced.

5. No need to use ‘umm’ too much.

These fillers should be completely avoided.

6. Don’t just recite your words, speak with feelings.

You are not at a poem recital.

7. Maintain eye contact.

Your eyes will communicate half the message.

8. Don’t forget to smile.

That is the best way to overcome your fears, but don’t smile too much!

9. Be alright with a ‘No’.

There are plenty more fish in the sea.

10. Be casual.


Don’t be like a drama queen!

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