20 Ways To Feel Better About Getting Low Marks In An Exam

12:00 pm 1 Nov, 2015


Exams, which were non-existent a few centuries ago are driving students to suicide now. Exams have brought in a lot of unattainable expectations, endless anxieties and a pressure for perfection that’s impossible to escape for any student. Can you find ways to feel better about getting low marks in exams? Check these methods out:


1. If your best friend scored lower marks than you, then that is good enough reason to feel better about the result.


2. If your worst enemy (who is usually the topper) has scored better marks, think of all the fun he/she missed pouring over books while you enjoyed life.



3. There is no use crying over spilt milk or already finished exams. Wipe those tears and look ahead.


4. Make a list of all the top achievers who did not do so well in school.

Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Stephen King are on the list, and you can be too.


5. Pacify yourself since this is not the only exam you are going to take; nor are you the only student who scored low marks.


6. Consider this your first stepping stone to success.


7. Stop lingering on the result and focus on future exams. Explore ways to improve.


8. Convert disappointment into motivation.


9. Assess whether the expectations about your results were unrealistic.

If the answer is, “Yes” then you’d better reset them.


10. Go for a walk, play sports or video games that you missed because of exams and give your brain a break.


11. Your success and failure cannot be defined by just one thing in your life, and that includes exams.


12. Exams are just a limited evidence of your abilities and intelligence.


13. Crack Santa Banta jokes about your grades

Exams failure


14. Have the quote: “Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid” by Albert Einstein displayed in your room.

Exams failure


15. Plan a party with friends who share your low grades.


16. Do something you enjoy a lot so that you can take your mind off your grades.


17. Write a hate poem about exams.


18. If you are afraid of criticism from your parents, find out what bad things happened to their worst rival in the past week.

So that you can shift their attention to that topic when they start off.


19. Good grades or bad grades, at least the exams are over.


20. And finally, watch ‘3 Idiots’ with your best buddies.