19 Ways To Beat Stress After Office Hours

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6:00 pm 9 Feb, 2015


Long hours, tiring projects, never-ending deadlines – these are part of of today’s working class life. All an employee wants is to relax and forget about the office tension.

That is not too much to ask. In fact, it is crucial if you want to be fresh for the next day’s work.

So, today we bring you an assortment of tips to fight that damn stress and stay awesome even after office hours –

1. Take a nice, long bath. It automatically washes away all your worries.

2. Do a little stretching. Yoga is very beneficial.


Jumping into the bed straightaway is easy. But those 15 minutes on the yoga mat are much more rewarding.

3. Listen to your favorite music. It calms your senses.

They don’t call music the language of the soul for no reason.

4. Prepare an energizing, refreshing meal – cooking is a stress buster in itself.

And when you’re preparing your favorite meal, the joy is doubled.

5. Sometimes, a good movie can make you forget the hell of a day you just had.

Comedies, suspense, old classics – whatever you choose.

6. Spend time with your loved ones – talk, laugh and enjoy with them.

The company of friends and family is often a relief for most of one’s problems.

7. Indulge yourself in refreshing activities and explore your hobbies.

There’s nothing more relaxing than the joy of doing what you love.

8. Practice writing journals.

Regular diary entries helps reduce stress by giving you perspective.

9. Open that bottle of wine, go bottoms up, and drink down your worries.

But remember to not overdo it.

10. Go to the park or the terrace, or any quiet place, and spend some peaceful time there.

11. Make your sleeping area comfy and keep a water bottle close to your bed.

Get a good night’s sleep and you will feel fresh as a daisy the next day.

12. Always change into your most comfortable clothes at home.

You don’t need to maintain sophisticated office attire. It’s your realm.

13. Play with your pets and let their love and cuteness get rid of all your troubles.

14. Read a nice book.

There’s nothing more amazing than unwinding in a world of dreams.

15. At times, all we need is a bit of silence in our lives.

In that case, the peace and calm of your home is the best treatment for you.

16. Get a relaxing head massage from a pro.

You will surely feel your stress levels substantially reducing.

17. Pacify your place with some candles.

Sometimes you need to give your eyes their much-needed rest after staring at monitors and presentations.

18. Stay away from junk food – it is your enemy in an attractive package.

Or rather a saturated, oil-laden, cholesterol wolf in sheep’s skin.

19. Lastly, switch off your phone and your computer. Seriously. Do it. Now.


You don’t need to bring your work home.