15 Ways To Add More Romance To Your Relationship

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12:00 pm 24 Sep, 2015

Don’t let your love story be a forgettable one, instead ensure that your love story gets more chapters added with time. But if you are wondering what is that you can do to rekindle the love or ensure the romanticism is sustained throughout, we help you with a few ideas to do so. If you come up with a unique idea of your own then there’s nothing better than that. However, if you want to quickly act upon rather than think over the ideas, go ahead and read this post.

1. Tell your partner that they are beautiful or handsome.

2. Don’t leave the house without a hug and goodbye kiss.

3. Compliment your partner in the public, they will be glad for sure.

4. Once in a while, do what your partner loves the most, even if you don’t like it.

5. Appreciate or acknowledge their little efforts that are meant to make you happy.

6. Shake a leg with your partner and do some romantic dancing.

7. Hear them out when they want to vent or are simply sharing how their day went.

8. Go for a date like those earlier days.

9. Do something adventurous together; it reiterates how much fun you used to have together.

10. Surprise your partner with a gift or a lovemaking session.

11. Leave those love notes for your partner or send them love messages when you are away.

12. Say a no-no to office related talks.

13. Give your partner a comforting and romantic massage.

14. Take their opinion as it shows how much their presence matters in your life.

15. Create a secret love language that no one other than you and your partner can understand.


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