18 Unique Ways Of Ragging Used Only In Indian Colleges

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10:00 am 1 Apr, 2015

From entertaining tasks to humiliating rituals. There was a time when every undergrad had to go through it. We have all grown up hearing the horrendous tales of ragging. But only few know that what once was a very friendly way of familiarising among freshers and seniors with some harmless practical jokes, somehow it transformed into sinister harassment. And that’s how, and rightly so, ragging became illegal.

Ragging was originally intended to be an ice-breaker among college goers. And those seniors who have done it right have earned lifelong, unbreakable friendships with their juniors. They end up like siblings, always being there for their fellow brothers and sisters.

The hilarious tasks given by the jolly seniors guaranteed entertainment to all. And few tasks are so exceptional, that you almost admire the brilliant brain that came up with it. However, one thing which everyone should always understand is that forcing someone to commit these acts is not the right way. So let’s make sure your actions do not hurt people.

Here are some innovative ideas that only Indian students could have thought of.

1. “Go and talk to some girl, ask her name and branch.”

This might not be as much ragging, as it is opportunity to befriend the ladies.

2. Seemingly easy questions with very explosive twists. So tread really carefully. Here’s an example.

A senior girl approached a boy and said, “Stare at my balls”. The moment he stared, it was punishment time. Because her next statement was – “I meant my eye balls.”

3. “Describe something in a few lines, say, Taj Mahal. Now replace that word with the phrase “my penis” and repeat the description.”

This one’s hilarious every single time.

Helpful Tip – Don’t describe anything small.

4. “Shave your beard on only one side for a week.”

The only consolation might be seeing everyone else doing so too.

5. Form a queue and run around the campus sounding like a railway engine.

Make sure the seniors who asked you to do this join you guys eventually.

6. “Dance on some song, or sing something. Or both.”

For most, that’s not even a task. That’s average Tuesday.

7. “Tell us some innovative slangs you know.”

And no thoughts, absolutely none at all, were poured into developing this task.

8. And if you are with a friend, there’s going to be a competition to find the better one.

Beware. The seniors like to divide and conquer.

9. “Tell a joke. Keep telling jokes until someone laughs.” This is perhaps the oldest one in the book.

And yet, an assured laughter riot every time someone gets it right.

10. Carry various flavoured condoms with you, as gate.

11. Wear only properly tucked in formals during college.

They believe it’s a part of your transition from an amateur to a professional.

12. “Propose a girl!” It’s usually a random batchmate or a senior.

There couldn’t have been a better excuse to do it. And you might even end up impressing the girl after all.

13. “Take funny scenes from movies and re-enact them.”

And the viewers are in for a treat.

14. Give your intro. No, better yet, scream out your intro.

“Bullshit! Sound off like you got a pair!”

15. Give a freshman some random stuff. Ask him to sell it to someone in the campus.

The tasks never seem to end.

16. And then they test your knowledge of a wedding. You might even be asked for some role playing.

It is college amigos. Things do get naughty here.

17. Demonstrate your cricketing or footballing skills. But without a ball.

That’s when you first realise that college is a place meant for mastering improvisation.

18. And in most cases, you’ll have to address your seniors as Sir or Ma’am.


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