9 Adorable Ways Dogs Say ‘I Love You’

2:00 pm 14 Feb, 2016

Dogs and human beings share a wonderful attachment with each other. As we love them, care for them, so too they do for us. As we can feel and understand things, so can they. It should be noted here that dogs don’t just love us. They need us, and not just for food and physical care, but emotionally. Unlike us human beings, who can express the feelings through words, dog’s feelings are often expressed through certain gestures and that we need to understand.

It’s true, dogs say, “I love you” every time they do or show certain things to us or in front of us but we fail to understand them. So today we bought for you a list of ways that will help you understand how exactly a dog says, “I love you” to you.


1. They excitedly greet you and jump on you the moment they see you after work or after a long vacation.



2. They want to be close to you always, and want to be in your lap or lean against you or follow you wherever you go. 



3. They read you and react accordingly.

They can sense whenever you are upset or not feeling well and they will demonstrate their affection by spending more time by your side.



4. They yawn when you yawn.

It is not just because yawning is a contagious act. If your dog yawns in response to your yawns, it is a sign that his affection for you enables him to empathize with you.



5. They gaze into your eyes and share a long look.

It is your dog’s way of ‘hugging’ you.

Dog's I love you


6. They snuggle up with you and sleep with you.



7. Your dog focuses on you when in a room full of people.



8. They forgive you for things you do that make them feel bad.



9. They rely on you as a source of comfort and support in scary situations.

You are your dog’s safe haven.



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