Watson Hates Sherlock’s Return And You Will Too After Watching This

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2:01 pm 7 Jan, 2014


Okay, so Sherlock is back and no one is happier than John Watson. Obviously! I mean wouldn’t you be happy if your best buddy returns from the dead? All right, perhaps the ‘dead’ part went a little too far. But if your friend is a renowned sleuth who has the uncanny gift of deduction using which he dissects every human (or animal), situation or circumstance to its smallest atomic particle, your happiness might vanish with a poof. How about if your detective friend goes about analyzing your favourite TV shows and divulges the secrets? Check this video to see how Sherlock spoils Watson’s favourites. Spoiler alert? No.

Credits: This clip can be found on the official YouTube channel ‘Only Leigh’. The channel is owned by Leigh Lahav, an animator and illustrator, whose work can be found here.



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