This Amazing Watermelon Trick Will Be Your Favorite Food Hack This Summer

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8:10 am 24 May, 2016


The biggest advantage of summer is the arrival of the watermelon. Loaded with antioxidants, it prevents inflammation and also provides Vitamin B, which keeps us hydrated and energized.

To beat the summer heat, parties are bound to happen. And what better way to start the party than by surprising your buddies with a refreshing skinned watermelon trick.

Mark Rober, former NASA engineer, shared a thirst-quenching video on YouTube by peeling of a watermelon in a sneaky way.

He uses two watermelons of similar shape and size:



First, he slices the green rind off one of the watermelons with a sharp knife:

giphy 1


Then, he trims off all the white bits to maintain uniformity:

giphy 2


To achieve a balloon-like shape, he uses a scour pad and scrubs it to smooth up all the edges:

giphy 3


Later, he empties the second watermelon to prepare a fake covering:

giphy 4

giphy 5

That’s it. Now, it’s time to amaze your buddies with your craft.

Watch the full video to understand this healthy trick:

Try it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


Source: Beta Minds