10 Water-Spots In And Around Mumbai That Make It An Awesome City To Live In

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5:00 pm 3 Aug, 2015

Mumbai and water should be synonymous with each other- literally built out of the sea, it becomes India ka Venice when it torrentially rains and then there are water bodies that are dotted all over the city. All of the above also ensures that they turn into touristy places that allow the local population to de-stress, eat decent food and breathe in slightly- less-toxic air.

Here are some of Mumbai’s water hotspots that you must most definitely visit!

1. Marine Drive, Cuffe Parade and Gateway of India

Getting the obvious out of the way! Long drives at night with the sound of the mighty Arabian sea in the background, the sea breeze in your face and a World Heritage site at the end of the road is a spectacular nightout plan! A selfie with your friends/family with the Taj Hotel making a grand appearance in the backdrop is recommended!


2. Bandra Bandstand

That awesome place where a fort, a road paying homage to Bollywood, a Golden-Gate-lookalike bridge and the sea co-exist! Also a popular place for couples who cannot afford the money for rooms. Enough said.


3. Juhu Chowpatty

If you are looking for a place that has Zen-like calm and allows soul-searching, Juhu beach it is! Slightly less crowded and more picturesque compared to other areas of Mumbai, you’re also most likely to find a Bollywood celebrity with their hair down and guard up. Don’t try to follow them. And avoid weekends if possible.


4. Girgaon Chowpatty

Another one of the many beaches along the Mumbai coastal areas, this is also where we get to see the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in full swing and the more friendly crowd of Mumbai. You’ll have to cross a sea of humanity before you can see the actual sea. Cruise through the crowds like you would in traffic without lanes. But definitely don’t forget to try the Pav Bhaji, Chaat and ice Golas!


5. Dadar Chowpatty

Another favourite haunt since generations, Dadar Chowpatty will have you wondering how theymanaged to extend the city RIGHT up to the sea. For those of us who don’t know this place, they suddenly come to a point where the sea starts, although for so long, they were just strolling by buildings, busy lanes and colleges. The area outside the Swantryaveer Savarkar Smarak is really special.


 6. Powai Lake

One of the only water bodies around that is man-made and has a prestigious educational institute (IIT-Bombay) on its banks. One of the more pristine spots to sit at and wax philosophical or gaze into your lover’s eyes, there are also a decent number of food places around that will make you want to come. Did I mention the wonderful drive by in the night?


7. Upvan Lake

One of the most prominent places in Thane, it is situated at the foot of Yeoor hills, thus ensuring a full time supply of breeze and greenery. It has a Ganapati temple for the religious, an affordable food court for the gluttons and boat rides for kids and couple.


Water hotspots in Mumbai

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8. Masunda Talao

Or Talaopali, as Thanekars affectionately call it. The most vibrant and busiest of lakes in the Lake City, it offers a variety of restaurants, a market place, a theatre, boating and horse riding opportunities. Also it is a stones-throw away from the station. The old world Tongas, pav bhaji and chaat thelas and how can I forget? Balloon-walas!


9. Kala Talao

Located in Kalyan, it is a spot frequented by the locals. On a good day, you will find marriage band practice sessions. Ok, seriously, on a good day, you will find people playing good music or a street play here.


10. Gorai Beach, Manori and Madh Island

Closely situated to each other, these are the less polluted places that can be enjoyed near Mumbai. Palm trees, sunsets, dried fish and taadi is what life here is made of. A must visit if you are looking for off-beat places. Essel World is nearby too.



Mumbai is one of the few places that is blessed with areas, man can’t take over. Yet.

From cosy couples to cosy nana-nanis, playing children, squabbling salespersons, joggers, families eating out and having a fun evening, Mumbai’s water spots get much less credit than they deserve.

You will find a whole host of services here too! Kulfiwalas, bhelupri and paani puri bhaiyas, aunties selling home made pakodas, small carousels and not so giant wheels, boating, a temple nearby, tel maalish guys, so much to do!


Have we missed any super places? Let us know!


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