Water ATMs Being Installed In Kolkata: A Commendable Step Taken By The Government

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1:58 pm 4 Jun, 2016


While inaugurating the first water vending machine in October 2015, Panchayat and Public Health Engineering Department Minister, Subrata Mukherjee announced  that almost 200 ‘water ATMs’ or water vending machines will be set up across Kolkata and its suburbs.


This initiative was taken under the West Bengal government’s ‘Pran Dhara’ (water of life) packaged drinking water project where a litre of potable water has been priced at Rs. 2.

The project seeks to provide safe and clean drinking water to all sections of society.



When a similar kind of machine was installed in the city’s slum area, there was a remarkable improvement in the health of that area’s residents. Clean drinking water helps avoid water borne diseases, stomach infections etc.

Yesterday, a citizen of the City of Joy uploaded this on his Facebook status:



It’s absolutely amazing news that indicates one step forward towards development.

If we overlook the small sections of society, any progress will be impossible. The Kolkata government has understood it but there are many who still need to accept this fact.




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