Ever Wondered What Happens To The Waste At Mukesh Ambani’s Multi-Million House Antilia?

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7:33 pm 20 Nov, 2017


Mukesh Ambani’s house named Antilia is one of the most expensive house of the world. Situated in Mumbai, the 27-story skyscraper is maintained by more than 600 employees. There are three helipads on its roof and a capacity to park as many as 168 cars in its parking lot. Other prominent highlights of the palatial house are a spa room, a dancing studio, a theater room with a capacity of 50, ballroom, multiple guest suites, terrace gardens, a temple and a lot more.


Ambanis’ extravagant residence Antilia. TheQuint

The mansion with an estimated worth of Rs.17,000 crore has been a highlight of media for some reason or the other ever since it was built.



Mukesh Ambani with Nita Ambani. Starsunfolded

It is quite obvious that the extravagant mansion which houses hundreds of people including the employees and the owners altogether would be having a lot of household waste every day. But have you ever wondered what is done to the huge amount of waste that is generated in Antilia every day?


Ever wondered what is done to the waste generated at Antilia? Representational image. Pixabay

The waste is used to generate electricity. First of all, the dry waste is separated from the wet waste. The wet waste is then dumped while the dry waste is recycled to produce electricity.


Look of Mukesh Ambani’s home from the inside. Idealhomez


The fact that Antilia does not throw away the waste like most other houses in the country do is quite astonishing as well as inspiring. The pace at which the world is approaching energy crisis, recycling waste for generation of electricity is thoughtful as well as much needed. Other houses should also take inspiration from Mukesh Ambani’s initiative and use their waste in productive ways.

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