Oops! 10 Times Female Celebs Suffered Super Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction, But Handled It Like A Pro

11:00 am 19 Sep, 2018


How can we start a controversial wardrobe malfunction post without mentioning Kim Kardashian! Yes, she’s the one with the perfect figure who evokes envy in most women all around the world. Not only beautiful, but she is someone who often flaunts beautiful attires that never fail to mesmerize her fans. Despite being someone who carefully dresses herself to create new fashion goals, she is not immune to the occasional wardrobe malfunction. Over the years, she had many embarrassing moments but the lady totally owned it!

Well, here are some of the moments where Kim Kardashian created buzz for the silly slip of her dress. Let’s start with the one where she wore a dress that devoid imagination and still it!




Marilyn Monroe moment?






Now, let’s take a look at other celebs from Hollywood and Bollywood who faced wardrobe malfunction that caused them a lot of embarrassments. However, being sassy ladies they handled it with total confidence and grace.


1. Gigi Hadid



This supermodel is no stranger to the word wardrobe malfunction. During Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, one of dress strap snapped. Without even paying any heed to the mishap, she completed her walk with poise.


2. Sonam Kapoor



The fashionista from B-town often falls prey to the issue of wardrobe malfunction because of her constant experimentation with fashion. During the promotion of her film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, back in 2013, her gown ripped apart even before the event started. Naturally, she rushed to the hotel to don the new attire.


3. Kendall Jenner



Not of dress, but this beauty faced a malfunction in her footwear. Needless to say, she handled it absolutely gracefully.


4. Kareena Kapoor Khan



Another leading lady of Bollywood is Bebo. Known for her don’t-care attitude and absolute elegance, she never fails to turn the heads of the fans with her fashion statement. However, there are times when she exposed more than she intended to. During a show, she decided to sit cross-legged that gave the audience a glimpse of something that they weren’t expecting.


5. Beyoncé



During a show, her Leotard ripped! But, as expected, she handled it like a total pro. Way to go Queen B!


6. Yana Gupta



Known for her numerous item songs, this actress had many embarrassing moments concerning wardrobe malfunction. However, the one that is etched in mind of the fans is her appearance in a show without wearing any panties. In fact, during an interview, she said that she forgot to wear the panties!


7. Jennifer Lawrence



Yes, the Hunger Games babe also had her share of wardrobe malfunction! During a party, her sophisticated white gown came undone. However, she firmly held on to it to avoid a nip slip.


8. Katrina Kaif



Bollywood’s Barbie is no stranger to the wardrobe malfunction! We are not kidding! On many occasions, she actually showed more than she should have. It happened during her movie promotion conferences and dance performances.


9. Nicki Minaj



A live performance paired with a quick dress change is a perfect recipe for a wardrobe malfunction. The same happened with Nicki Minaj during one of her performances in 2014. The sassy singer, however, continued her performance while holding the teensy frock that didn’t get zipped all the way up.


10. Parineeti Chopra




She had an oops moment when her dress ripped a little at the back. But, she handled it well without showing a trace of embarrassments.

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