Wannabe Baahubali’s Daredevil Stunt In Kerala Goes Unexpectedly Wrong

5:07 pm 14 Nov, 2017


Movies, especially the action films, have a deep and profound effect on kids and youngsters. There have been many instances reported worldwide, where kids and youngsters have even lost their lives while performing stunts shown in the films, little knowing the fact that these stunts are actually an end product of various graphics and carefully pulled in presence of a specialized stunt director. Recently, one such daredevil youngster fell in trap of these stunts as he went forward to pull off a daring ‘Baahubali’ stunt.

An elephant stunt from the movie ‘Baahubali’, which a youth from Kerala named Jinu John risked to pull off. Yahoo News


If you have watched ‘Baahubali’, you would perhaps remember the famous “elephant stunt” in the film, where Mahendra Baahubali sits atop an elephant by jumping through its trunk after taming it. Although the stunt was pulled off quite nicely onscreen, it was nearly an impossible task if done in reality.

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Clad in a traditional dhoti and a white shirt, the guy confidently approached an elephant stood in a rubber estate. He was carrying a plastic bag, which had bananas to feed the animal. While the animal happily obliged him by devouring the bananas, the man tried to go a bit further and held its tusks to kiss it on its trunk.

Well, he succeeded in the first attempt. But soon after he was debarred from doing so by another person, who was supposedly witnessing the entire incident. He kept saying:

Don’t do it, you are drunk, don’t do it. The elephant will get mad.

The youth was flung up in the air after getting punched in the gut by the elephant. source


The youth did not pay any heed to his advice and tried to do it the second time. And within fraction of a second, he found himself flung up in the air and thrashed on to the ground by the elephant, who perhaps had enough of the circus.

Interestingly, the youth was so confident about his performance that the entire video was streamed LIVE on Facebook. Although, later on, he did pull off the video, it was widely circulated on the social media platform by then. Here’s a look at the video:

As per reports, the incident occurred at Karimannoor in Thodupuzha located in Kerala’s Idukki district. The youth performing this incident is Thodupuzha-native Jinu John, who thought of pulling off this stunt after seeing the lone elephant while passing by the area with his friends.


The “stunt” was performed on Sunday around 3 pm. As per media reports, Jinu is undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital after he was fatally injured. Meanwhile, the sub-inspector of Karimannoor police said that, as of now, they are trying to locate the other men involved in this risky affair.