This Couple Ditched A Big, Fat Cermony For A Wanderlust Wedding In Iceland

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6:22 pm 14 Oct, 2015


Weddings are one big life event. Hence, they are extravagant, with a desire to make it memorable for the world.

This couple,  Jeremy and Rachelle Garrett, however, chose to make it memorable for themselves.

They backpacked to Iceland in their van with only one guest, their photographer Troy Moth. Hiking over glaciers, breathing under the waterfalls, digging a world of moss, relaxing in hot springs; all to find one perfect spot where they could take their vows intimately.


Check out these true romantics and their incredible pictures as they take their wedding to the next level.

Forget about watching your relatives do bhangra and spending a bomb on treating your friends with 25 varieties of alcohol and 55 varieties of Chinese and Rajasthani platters.



They climbed the hills together


Hiked over frozen glaciers


Unearthed a world full of green moss


Played with a white horse


Basked in the glory of rainbows


Breathed in a magnificent waterfall


Relaxed in the hot springs


Until they came across the perfect spot – an old formation made by the scars of nature.

A volcanic eruption had the lava part ways for the spot, sparing it from the blaze

Here, Jeremy and Rachelle found their paradise. They took their vows alone

And literally had a fairy tale ending!


Doesn’t this define true romantics?

Ditch your fallacious nuptials for this wanderlust infused wedding!



Find them here. 

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