LG Unveils A Wallpaper-Thin TV That Can Stick To A Wall With Magnets

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6:35 pm 21 May, 2015


OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TVs, unlike LED/LCD units, don’t need to be backlit; each OLED pixel lights up individually, which allows the TV to display rich colors and brilliant contrasts. Yet almost every brand gave up on OLED because it is relatively difficult to mass produce. But not LG.

LG unveiled an amazing ‘wallpaper display’ prototype. The .97 mm thick and 55 inch wide unit weighs just over 1.9 kg and is dubbed a ‘future display’.




This technology can be applied to not only television, but also fashion, automobiles and other commercial enterprises. LG can also sell this display panel to other TV manufacturers. Along with this ultra-thin display, LG also revealed a convex OLED TV.

This company will also release a 99 inch OLED display soon. According to the company, they expect to sell 600,000 display panels this year and 1.5 million next year.



LG has literally staked its future on the type of TV that companies like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, etc have given up on. Last year, LG launched an OLED TV and this year, it has unveiled many new OLED models, all with 4K UHD resolution.

This OLED display can stick to a wall using just a magnet and can be shifted around without much effort or strain. On top of that, its roll-able.



Let’s see how long this technology takes to make it to our living rooms.



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