Waiting For Love Can Be A Pleasure. Here Are 20 Reasons Why

12:00 pm 19 Feb, 2016


Waiting for your love can be tough. No one could say it better than Emily Bronte who wrote: “I have to remind myself to breathe — almost to remind my heart to beat!” in her famous novel ‘Wuthering Heights’.

Being in love is never going to be easy, though it is considered one of the most beautiful emotions that you will ever experience. Know that good things come to those who wait. Pain and pleasure are two faces of the same coin. Let us find out the reasons why waiting for love can be a pleasure as well.


1. You can sleep all you want and dream of your love.


2. You can concentrate on rational achievements while you wait for love to happen – before your emotions start ruling you.


3. You always live in anticipation that your life is going to change forever when you meet your love.


4. John Green says, “The pleasure isn’t in doing the thing, the pleasure is in planning it.”


5. The idea of waiting for love makes it more exciting.


6. You can think of union or reunion with your love as much as you want, in every way you want, with unlimited anticipation.


7. The memories of time spent together makes you giggle.


8. You get to say and hear things you would have never told each when you were together.


9. Delayed gratification makes even hard beans sweet.


10. You will turn into a die-hard romantic while you wait.


11. Absence makes your heart grow fonder.


12. When you know that love exists without the physical presence, it is assurance that you really like the person.


13. It gives time to build trust.


14. Every tear of separation is replaced by the smile of being together again.


15. The pain of separation unleashes the poet in you.


 16. Your love is actually listening to you when you call since he/she cannot be distracted by their smartphone.


17. While waiting, you realize that the delights of presence are best known by the torments of absence.


18. There is no fear of your love going away…there is only hope of meeting again.


19. You are going to experience the bliss of coming together again.


20. Finally…it happens! Your love is in front of you.


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