Wagah Border: Pakistani Visitors Pelt Stones, Shout Anti-India Slogans

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12:25 pm 3 Oct, 2016

In a shocking incident on October 2, Pakistani visitors at the Wagah Border hurled stones towards the Indian viewers stand during the beating retreat ceremony.

According to news reports, these were Pakistani civilians who had arrived to witness the ceremony and while the daily ceremony was taking place they started pelting stones towards the Indian audience and started shouting pro-Kashmir slogans.


On September 29, after Indian Army’s surgical strike, the Border Security Force (BSF) had decided to not conduct the beating retreat ceremony. Since then had banned the visitors from witnessing the ceremony in the coming days.

Unfortunately, the BSF had allowed few visitors to witness the same on October 2 when the incident took place.


Though no visitor was hurt, according to ToI, in past few days many Pakistani visitors have been shouting anti-India slogans from across the border.

Reports also say that a flag meeting between BSF and Pak Rangers was held after the incident, wherein BSF lodged a protest with the Pak Rangers about the same.

“They have assured us to investigate into the incident, but we don’t believe they will really investigate , we are of view that Pak Rangers themselves instigated the viewers to throw stones toward India. Years ago rockets were fired on our side and Pak Rangers had out rightly rejected that they had originated from their soil.”


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