Ever Wondered Who Are The Voices Behind The Metro Announcements You Hear While Traveling?

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Updated on 14 Jun, 2016 at 4:41 pm


For almost every Delhiite, the metro plays an important role in his/her travel routine. It saves time and gives a comfortable journey rather cheaply. While traveling we get to hear the various announcements played to make our journey hassle-free. But, have you ever wondered whose voices are those behind the announcements?


Yes, there are two people whom you hear almost daily while traveling in the metro. According to a source, Rini Simon Khanna and Shammi Narang are the voices behind the announcements made in the metro.



Shammi Narang (Male voice behind Hindi announcements)



Shammi is a known voice, he needs no introduction. It all started  when he was just 19 and a foreign engineer in his campus called him to test a microphone!

He never would have imagined that his life will change just by testing a microphone. That engineer worked at US Information System and he gave Shammi a chance at Voice of America’s Hindi division. Can you believe this? This is what we call destiny! Not only in Delhi, he has given his voice for the announcements in Mumbai, Jaipur and Gurgaon metro systems. His voice can also be heard in audio guides in various heritage monuments of Mysore, Bikaner, Jodhpur and Jaipur.


Rini Simon Khanna (Female voice behind English announcements)



Rini, born in Kerela, finished her schooling from 9 different schools in India as her father was in the Indian Air Force and he had a transferable service. Former Doordarshan anchor was really famous as the news anchor during 1985-2000, and is now famous for her deep and sharp voice that lacks modulation and sounds robotic. She is one of the famous voices in the industry. Rini is the voice behind the English announcements. She has recorded prompts for every metro station in Delhi.

In an interview she expressed:

“I am so used to hearing my voice on TV. But when I heard myself on a public transport for the first time, it took me by surprise. I then understood the importance of these announcements for the commuters.”



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