Aishwarya Rai Bachchan TROLLED For A Photoshop Fail

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1:27 pm 4 Apr, 2018


Aishwarya Rai is in the news once again and this time for a wrong reason. Her photoshoot for Vogue India with global icon and talented singer, Pharrell Williams, has been the talk of social media.

Some users on Instagram condemned and eventually made fun of the photographs. The reason was the extreme photoshopping of the pictures. In no time, the fans of Aishwarya pitched in and corrected others by saying that it’s the camera angles, not the photoshopping, that made the photos look like they are edited.


Take a look at the amazing photographs:




Here are some of the comments that users posted:


OCD takes control.

Not proportionate?

Why you do this?

Just be real!

Fountain of youth?

So much of it.

We want to see too.


Aishwarya Rai will next be seen in the movie ‘Fanne Khan’. The actress also did an exclusive interview with the magazine where she described her personal time, upcoming movie projects and her stance on social media.

Commenting on her absence from Instagram, Rai said:

“I’m not remotely averse to social media, but when it first began, it became a bit of a rat race of numbers, and I’ve never been into that. Also, social media is addictive. People use it to hide from and lose the human connect. It is, however, the present and the future and it’s great for connecting with fans, for voicing important issues and a great business tool for brands. I do recognise its value, and if I feel the need I’ll embrace it — transparently and honestly.”


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Pharrell Williams also did a similar interview and spoke about his collaborations and the causes that he cares about. He said:

“I’m no role model; I’m just an advisor. That’s why as a producer, I’m able to push people in certain directions to find a uniqueness in their voice, their intentions and their purpose — that’s my job.”



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