Spice Up Your Upcoming Winter Holidays With These Vodka-filled Christmas Ornaments

12:39 pm 16 Nov, 2018


The season of fun is almost here. Yes, I am talking about the chilly breeze, tasty booze, and bonfire, the perfect combo for enjoyment during winter. Though it’s still November, there is no wonder the spirit of festivity is blowing in the wind. Talking about festivity, Smirnoff came up with an amazing surprise. It released four vodka-filled Christmas ornaments.

Though they are vodka-filled Christmas Ornaments, the downside is that until the branches of your trees are really strong, you won’t be able to hang them. They are actually of full size and not ornamental balls. However, before saying anything else, here is the image for you to feast your eyes.




The names are super quirky and creative. They are called ‘Don’t Get Lit, Drink Responsibly,’ ‘#BestGiftEver, “#Eat, Drink & Be Merry”, and “Mix & Mingle.”

750 milliliters each, the bottles are designed in the shape of Christmas ornaments and they look fab. It will certainly add that right holiday feel to your drinks cabinet.



The limited edition of vodka-filled Christmas ornaments is available for $12.99 each. That makes about Rs 1000 for each bottle.



Not only super decorative and pretty, but these bottles are also perfect for all your party cocktail requirements. Well, the netizens are surely super excited about these vodka-filled Christmas ornaments. And, they didn’t hold back while showing their happiness.








Will you be able to buy them in India? Well, there is no such confirmation yet. However, I wish they release it here too. I want it so bad! Don’t you? Also, if you are a Game of Thrones fan then this fancy limited edition whiskey might fill your heart with happiness.

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