Vivek Oberoi Allegedly Donated Rs 1 Cr After Salman Khan’s Jail Sentence. The Truth Will Leave You Awestruck

4:52 pm 7 Apr, 2018


Bollywood is yet to come to terms with its most bankable star, Salman Khan, being convicted in the blackbuck poaching case and having the prospect of lurking behind a prison for 5 long years. After the verdict of possibly the most controversial case of 1998, the final judgement saw the ‘Race 3‘ actor hoping for a bail acceptance and facing a fine of mere Rs 10,000 while other accused were acquitted.



While Salman’s bail plea is going to court today, there have been many Bollywood stars who have asked for mercy and supported the superstar. Here are some of the reactions from within the fraternity:




Since the verdict, with different groups of people on social media reacting on the hot case, the one which stands out is Salman’s old ‘love-rival’ Vivek Oberoi:



The long standing rivalry between Vivek Oberoi as being Salman’s biggest rival, hasn’t died down yet. It was perhaps one of the most well-known “love triangle” which the industry ever witnessed, which ultimately led to Vivek’s career loss and Aishwarya ending up with neither of them.



While Salman’s controversial case is finally headed in the right direction, a rumour related to Vivek started creating ripples across the internet almost immediately. It was reported that the actor has apparently donated an extraordinary sum of Rs 1 crore to Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak Temple.



This kind of news doesn’t come as a surprise in Vivek’s case though. The actor is known for his philanthropic ways and contributions to the society. Not only does he supports charitable organisations, but also supports acid victims with his money.



The news of Salman’s verdict was yet to sink in, when the ‘unofficial’ Twitter account of Republic TV reported that Vivek had made the contribution.



Since it got tweeted, the story was shared all over the internet in no time, and was retweeted several times as well. Here are some of the reactions from Twitterates:



As a sudden twist of events, this ‘fake’ news created so much fuss, that it started going viral quickly.



This report got such a huge reaction on social media, that it was clarified by none other than Vivek himself. He came forward to put a rest to all the controversy doing rounds. The actor said that he has not done anything of that sort and that even his picture was from an old event!



Amidst the rumour, he immediately took the whole matter in his own hands and clarified it by saying:

“Please don’t link my name with Salman’s case. News of donating 1 crore by me is totally false. The picture was taken long back at Siddhivinayak temple. This is creating false perception in people’s mind.”


The nation wants to know why people believe in cheap publicity so soon, rather than waiting for the actual right sources.




Lesson of the day: Do not trust everything that you see on internet. Check the facts yourself before believing blindly. Download TopYaps app to stay updated with the latest on Bollywood news.

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