Vivek Agnihotri Shuts Down Congress Spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi With A Sarcastic Tweet

3:15 am 15 Dec, 2017


The tussle between Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party is never-ending. From factual and logical campaign wars on the grounds to naïve and irrelevant personal attacks on social media, leaders and patrons of these two parties are always up for fights. Only yesterday Congress spokesperson Randeep S. Sujrewala was trolled on Twitter for his mockery of Modi Ji and his Vikas. Well, Twitter wars seem to have become an everyday thing in politics now.




Today, another Congress spokesperson, Priyanka Chaturvedi, was shut down by Bollywood film director Vivek Agnihotri. The latter has been quite vocal about his inclination towards the BJP and leaves no opportunity to make fun of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

In a sarcastic tweet, Agnihotri shared an image of Rahul Gandhi quoting him with some wrong data. He tagged Priyanka congratulating her for being appointed the “Chief Statistical Advisor” to Rahul Gandhi.


Obviously, Priyanka did not take this lightly and responded with a nastier tweet calling Agnihotri a flop movie maker and what not.



Vivek didn’t sit back and replied with another tweet!

Interestingly, Priyanka recently wrote a piece on how elections have minimalized to name calling and cheap conspiracies. Well, she herself did not think a moment before calling out names to a non-supporter of Congress!

The tussle between the two was quietly visible as many Twitter users had their opinions on the same. While some people called Vivek’s reply the ‘best ever reply’, other criticized him for dragging Priyanka into the conversation. It seems the Twitter was clearly divided into two sections over the issue. Here are some of the tweets.



On which side of the story are you?

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