A Visually Impaired Girl Appeals To PM Modi To Provide Funding For Vocational Courses

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6:10 pm 6 Aug, 2016

A pro-Modi girl, Amrita Bhinder recently posted a video on her Twitter handle that delivers the message of a visually impaired girl.



The message is from Pragya Mahan who is a student in Miranda House, Delhi University. She was present in the town hall meeting to raise the issue of unavailability of funding for differently abled children. Though the government has provided funding for longterm courses but there is support for the vocational course.

Pragya Mahajan has come up with the issue because she was selected for a vocational course in Sussex UK. But due to the unavailability of the funds she had to drop the course.

The video was made and directly tweeted to PM Modi to seek instant help from him. Have a look at the tweet and the video.


We just hope Pragya’s voice gets heard by our PM and she, along with others like her, gets proper funding and support to prove their talent!



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