Munnabhai M.B.B.S. Actor Vishal Thakkar Missing Since Last 3 Years, No Reports Of His Whereabouts

4:28 pm 14 Jan, 2019


Vishal Thakkar, who essayed the role of a heartbroken lover in Munnabhai MBBS has gone missing. Since last three years, his whereabouts are unknown. Who could forget the famous track, Apun Jaisa Tapori from Munnabhai MBBS? This famous track was based on Vishal’s character in the film. Since December 2015, the police and his relatives have absolutely no information about Vishal. The actor last had a conversation with his mother, when he borrowed Rs 500 from her to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens on 31st December 2015.

Later he called up his father stating that he would see them the other day as he had to attend a party. Thereafter, there was no news about Vishal or any calls from him. What could be the reason behind the disappearance of Vishal Thakkar? Read the details in the paragraphs below.



Vishal Thakkar never contacted his girlfriend! As per his girlfriend, she last saw him in January 2016 when he had to go for a shoot.


After this, his number was switched off and he had not been in contact with his girlfriend as well. No hospital records or social media activity has been recorded.


After the complaint from his family, the police tried to search for his whereabouts by getting in contact with the hospitals, however, no reports could be established. Vishal had also not used his bank account for a long time.



The actor has been missing for a long time now. Earlier his career saw a downfall when a girl alleged him of rape charges. Reports also state that the actor suffered mental illness because of not having any major projects in hand.

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