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15 Visa Free Countries For Indians That Are Too Beautiful, Check Out The List

Updated on 27 November, 2018 at 4:29 pm By

Traveling is the best thing one can do to get relief from the busy work schedules. And obviously, an international trip is something that we always look forward to. Be it with family or friends, an international trip is a must to explore beautiful new countries and their diverse cultures. Traveling internationally is always a dream-come-true experience but is equally daunting owing to the cumbersome visa processes. This definitely calls for the search of some visa free countries for Indians.


Well, interestingly there are splendid countries in the world where Indians can travel without going through all the troubles of the passport and visa formalities. Since many countries abroad offer visa-on-arrival facility to Indians, it becomes rather convenient to travel to such places.


Take a look at those beautiful countries which allow visa-free travel for Indians:

1. Nepal



Our neighboring country of Nepal is a magnificent collaboration of scenic beauty and cultural heritage. From adventure sports to beautiful temples, one can enjoy every aspect of the country by various means. Incidentally, Nepal is the only country where Indians citizens mandatory don’t require a passport to visit. According to the Embassy of Nepal, Indians can visit the country either by passport or any other valid identity proof issued by Government of India. This means even a visa is not required to travel to this exotic land.


2. Hong Kong




With the buzzing life, Hong Kong is the rich and beautiful town of China. Markets, pubs, glittering skyline and an abundance of entertainment, Hong Kong is one of the best places to travel. And of course, Disneyland Hong Kong is a must visit for every tourist. Indians can easily travel to Hong Kong after filling certain online formalities before the visit. They can stay there for as long as 14 days without a visa.

3. Mauritius



If you want to enjoy a perfect vacation with lavish beaches, mesmerizing lagoons, and the natural beauty, Mauritius is the place to be. It is the paradise for watersports lovers with tons of beautiful beaches. And what else! Mauritius is the best honeymoon destination for couples. Add this country in your bucket list because Indian citizens can visit Mauritius and can stay there for maximum 60 days without a visa.


4. Fiji



Blessed with 333 stunning islands, Fiji is the magnificent and sun-kissed island country which should be on your list of places to visit. An exquisite array of flora and fauna, Fiji is one of the best places for some adventure sporting fun. It is located in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean. Well, Indians can simply get a visa-on-arrival as soon as they land in Fiji and that visa is valid for a period of 4 months.


5. Maldives



Yet another beach destination on the list, Maldives is filled with picturesque beaches which are perfect for relaxing and fun vacations. From shopping to water sports, Maldives offers a ton of things to do for its tourists. Apparently, Maldives grant a free visa-on-arrival any tourist from any nationality which is valid for 30 days.

6. Cambodia



Home to the biggest Hindu temple complex named Angkor Wat, Cambodia is one of the most fascinating Southeast Asian countries. With a rich history and diverse culture, it is the land of beautiful temples and traditional villages. Cruising, boating and even adventure sports can give a break from the busy city life in Cambodia. Indians do not need any prior visa to travel to this majestic country since it grants that on arrival.

7. Bhutan



Popularly known to be the world’s happiest country, Bhutan is the mesmerizing place at the eastern edge of the Himalayas. The sovereign state has most picturesque monasteries and enchanting valleys running through hills. A visit to the architectural brilliance of Paro Dzong is a must in Bhutan. Indians nationals do not require a prior visa for Bhutan for at least 30 days of visiting.

8. Indonesia



With more than thirteen thousand islands situated between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia is the largest island country in the world. And who doesn’t know about the striking island of Bali in Indonesia which has become the perfect spot for romantic holidays? Indians can easily visit the beautiful country of Indonesia without the troubles of visa requirements and stay there for a maximum of 30 days. However, this visa grant is only for tourism purpose.

9. Thailand



This South East Asian country has become one of the most visited countries in the world. Tourists can get the famous traditional Thai massages for a relaxed trip or can enjoy a long walk on the pleasing beaches. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is among the most popular shopping destinations in the world. Apparently, no prior visa is required to travel to Thailand but Visa on arrival is must to enter the country. Tourists can easily get that from the immigration checkpoints and the visa is valid for 15 days.

10. Vietnam



The exotic and compelling country of Vietnam is the land of phenomenal natural beauty and cultural twists and turns. With a complex and diverse heritage, Vietnam has a lot to offer to its tourists. Do some kite-surfing on the tropical oceans or take the long routes while hiking through the evergreen hills. There are plenty of things to do for the visitors to make the best of their time in Vietnam. And it has some of the best spas in the world. It grants a visa on arrival for a period of 30 days.


11. Jamaica



This Caribbean island nation is the perfect holiday destination to enjoy some lush forests and reef-lines beaches. The sky touching mountains by the beaches will make your holiday in Jamaica all the way more memorable. Doctor’s Cave, Ocho Rios, Blue Mountains National Park are some of the most popular tourist hubs in the beautiful country of Jamaica. Indian tourists can get a visa on arrival which is valid for six months.

12. Jordon



One of the safest Arab countries in the Middle East, Jordon is quite famous among the tourists. With places like the popular Dead Sea and Wadi Rum, Jordon has a lot to offer to its visitors. Indian citizens do not need any visa to visit Jordon and can stay there for almost 30 days but only for tourism purpose.

13. Ecuador



Explore the exquisite abundance of the Amazon forests and the richness of wildlife at the Galapagos Islands in the South American country of Ecuador. This country lies on the Equator in between Colombia and Peru. So make sure to take a bus or taxi to visit the equator or the middle of the world, literally. The country grants visa on arrival that is valid for a period of 90 days.

14. Cook Islands



How about some scuba-diving or snorkeling? Well, this group of 15 islands presents the best of flora and fauna to the visitors. The Cook Islands are spread over the vast land that is largely undiscovered by most travelers. With a strong café culture, this group of islands is modern yet traditional, remote yet accessible. And what’s the best thing? Indians don’t need a visa to visit this beautiful land.

15. Madagascar



Madagascar has been inhabited by the migrants from various places. It has become the melting pot of cultural values and beliefs that are bound to mesmerize the tourists. Desert, hiking, diving and rainforest, the dreamy destination of Madagascar is the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts. This island country offers Visa on arrival for Indians that is free of cost. It is one of the best visa free countries for Indians to visit.



So, start packing your bags to visit these visa free countries for Indians as soon as you can!


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