A Virgo Woman Is Perfect! Date Her, Love Her And Make Her Your Own

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12:00 pm 6 Jan, 2016

Women born under the Virgo sun sign are a combination of beauty and brains. Additionally, she has got the charm to possess anyone she wants, but when it comes to love, she’s more than committed and loves more out of respect.

Wanna know her better? Read on to find out what makes her so irresistible:


1. She’s stable and sorted, so if you’re leading an inconsistent, fluid life, let her settle it for you.

She doesn’t live her life with unanswered questions that leave her unstable. Her company will bring the missing stability in your life too.


2. She is strong and independent; she can definitely be your hero.


3. A Virgo is a wonderful planner, be it dinner date, vacations, birthday parties, she’ll be super excited about planning them.


4. She likes to keep things neat and clean; with her you’ll always get a tidy room to sleep in.


5. She’s logical and practical; her decisions are rarely impulsive.

Being an earth sign, she likes to stay connected to their roots. She likes to take a practical approach towards life than fumble around with dreamy expectations.


6. Good and bad both: she possesses an excellent memory; she won’t forget when you loved her or when you displeased her.


7. A Virgo woman is classy and elegant; her dressing sense comes from her love for clean and tidy things.

Their dressing style is unique and attractive. You will not see her in crumpled and messy clothes.


8. Virgo women love to pamper their bodies and are very particular about how they look.

She has her own brand of ‘sexy’.  Blessed with attractive physical features, age is just a number for her; she lives her youth for long.


9. You’ll be taken aback by how mysterious she can be. But once she opens up, you’ll know what a great person she is.

She takes time to open up but once she does, you’ll totally adore each one of her words, actions and adayein.


10. She is a true romantic and only believes in the lasting type love.

She may be logical but deep down in her heart she aspires for fairy tale endings. She’s going to be beautiful, inside out.


11. Initially, she comes out as shy, but very soon you will discover how bold and intense she is.

Get this – she is an amazing lover.


12. She is loyal and completely devoted in a relationship.

Her love doesn’t fade with time. Once she is committed to you, she is there to stay for the lifetime.


13. Virgo women are not just good lovers, but will extend to you the understanding and care of a best friend.


14. She will stick with you through thick and thin.

She is not the type of girl who leaves you in the middle of the road. She will go all the extra mile for you and won’t grumble about it.


15. Good news – she will be a money saving girlfriend and wife.

In fact, she will control your extra expenditure and will handle money matters like a pro. Your earning and hard work will get its right due and your future will be quite secure in her hands.


16. She is not a drama queen and will hardly throw any tantrums to irritate you.

She is not one of those girls who crave a luxurious lifestyle; all she cares about is who you are as a person.


17. A Virgo woman is caring and very sensitive to other people’s emotions.

You can open up to her about your feelings and emotions and she will listen without judging. She will do her best to cheer you up.


18. She prefers to stay alone with any problem and won’t bother you.

She likes to handle her problems on her own. She doesn’t trouble others to solve her issues, small or big. Go give her a big hug when this happens, she’ll love it!


19. She is genuine, trustworthy and honest about everything in her life.

Being fake, lying and making excuses is not in her personality. She is very transparent and expects the same from others.


20. Once you get her to commit, she’s yours forever.

She’s a hard nut to crack, but once she allows you in her life, it’s for a lifetime.


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