Virendra Sehwag Tweeted About Delhi Smog And Twitterati Responded Playfully

Updated on 31 Aug, 2018 at 9:08 pm


It is almost going to be a week now since the opaque layer of heavy smog has covered the national capital, parts of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Social Media news feeds are a clear indication of the fact that the matter has gone worst this time. Residents of the capital city are worried about their health, and the increased parking bills.


New Delhi: Traffic policemen wear masks to protect themselves from heavy smog and pollution.

Delhi government has already implemented the odd-even scheme to cut vehicular traffic, which was last implemented in 2016.

This may bring a lot of trouble who commute on daily basis using their own vehicles. However, it would help to reduce some amount of pollution.



Delhi Government has implemented the odd-even scheme to battle smog.

Not only the general public, Bollywood celebrities and cricketers are showing their concern towards the issue. Even big names from the cricketing world have been tweeting their opinions on smog.

Taking the situation on a lighter note, Virendra Sehwag just tweeted something, to add a bit of humor to the entire situation. And with his tweet, he won hearts and people responded on a funny note.


Virendra Sehwag is one of the highly active users on Twitter.

This is what he tweeted about Delhi smog.


After Sehwag shared this tweet, in no time people started responding in the most epic ways. They also shared about the actual troubles they are facing due to heavy smog and made it funny.



Truly, Sehwag is a Twitter genius and no one can ever match him in his tweeting genre. This could be a great way to stay positive, even if smog is taking a toll on our health and mental peace for some more time.

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