Virender Sehwag’s Funny Tweet On Eve Of His Wedding Anniversary Will Make You ROFL

1:32 pm 23 Apr, 2018


Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag and current Twitter King has always been in tremendous form. Be it on-field with his nerve racking sixes or on social media with his witty tweets – he’s unstoppable! One look at his Twitter handle, and you’ll see a great combination of fun, pun, sarcasm and sometimes, just ‘Sehwagasm‘. This ex-cricketer has 17m followers on Twitter for some reason obviously!



As we know Virender Sehwag is expert with those 140 characters, he often shares funny one-liners and quirky wishes. In addition, he also shares funny antidotes for married men, having gone through the experiences himself. He sent a lovely message for his wife Aarti when they completed 13 years of marriage in 2017.




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Virender also sent a sweet message on Twitter on that occasion:



And the time for that celebration yet again. Yesterday, was the power couple’s 14th wedding anniversary.



Instead of being his usual romantic, Sehwag took an entirely different approach on the eve of his wedding anniversary and tweeted:



This tweet translates to – “A man once saw a falling star and immediately asked for his wish to win an argument with his wife to be granted. The star fixed itself from falling.”. This implies that it is impossible to win an argument with the wife for the husband!



Interestingly, another picture emerged of the couple and this time, Sehwag was seen smeared with chocolate cake on his face. We can’t miss Aarti’s smirk though, can we?



This is what he does with his twitter account – makes people smile, laugh and share his happiness. With his recent tweet, men couldn’t agree more!















Virender Sehwag and Aarti chemistry proves that they are the real soulmates. Besides, the best player, is also the best husband and father. Hats off to you Viru!

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