Journalist Shekhar Gupta Trolls Virender Sehwag For His Global Warming Faux Pas

Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 5:49 pm

Virender Sehwag always remains in the news for his new love, Twitter. His tweets make him not only a matter of discussion but intense media attention. This time, people are too angry at him for his latest tweet on the alarming issue of global warming.

This is what Sehwag tweeted just a few hours ago!

This called for  an instant reaction from people all over India. Some believed that it must have been a mistake on Sehwag’s part while others believe it was just simple sarcasm.



When news of Sehwag’s tweet reached journalist Shekhar Gupta, he replied just like a responsible citizen.

This is what we call a real take! We hope that after reading Shekhar’s tweet, Sehwag would realize the mistake he made.