Virat Has A New Girl In His Life And She Will Make You Go ‘Awww’

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1:09 pm 30 Mar, 2016


Virat Kohli, famously known as the master of chase, has shown different sides of his personality this year. He has been a talk of the town since the news about his relationship with Anushka Sharma went viral. But he has been winning people’s hearts by his sweet gestures as well. On the occasion of world’s Women’s Day he posted an analogy about the atrocities they face every day and he wrote:



Again recently when the whole nation was applauding him for his amazing performance in the T20 World Cup match. He took a long due stand for his ex girlfriend Anushka Sharma. People were thanking the actress for leaving Virat Kohli as she was blamed for his bad performances in previous matches.

And now India’s cricket poster boy, Virat Kohli, recently posted a selfie with Indian cricket team captain Dhoni’s daughter Ziva on his Facebook page.


The photograph has gone viral and both Virat and  Ziva have been getting loads of attention on social media. In the photograph, the cricketer is seen giving his famous pose with baby Dhoni who is not at all interested in getting clicked. Well, she is busy speaking to someone over the phone.


The caption of the photograph reads:

“With Baby Dhoni. She is too cute and adorable!”



So far Virat had an image of a redundant mouthing brat but now he is showing his softer side. This might help him to change his image a bit! Kohli has been receiving proposals from girls after his mind blowing performance and now people are sending him heartfelt ‘awwws’.


But, we surely believe that Virat will be back on field as a roaring lion to send chills down opponents’ spines.The vice captain of the Indian cricket team is expected to be all set to give a power packed performance against West Indies in the semi-finals.