Virat Kohli Refused To Share Screen With Deepika Padukone In An Ad. No Not For Anushka But For This Reason

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3:41 pm 23 Mar, 2018


Royal Challengers Bangalore had to walk out of a deal with Goibibo, one of the largest Indian company in the travel industry when Virat Kohli refused to be a part of a commercial in which Deepika Padukone was also being featured.




There is no doubt that both Virat Kohli and Deepika Padukone are leading names in their respective fields. While Virat is the captain of the Indian cricket team and one of the best players of his sport as on date, Deepika is the top Bollywood actress who is known for being paid more than her male counterparts.



So, Virat denying to share screen with Deepika in a commercial could give rise to a lot of speculations but to put all these to rest, it is important to mention that the skipper did not do it for any personal issues with the actress but because of his contract with RCB.



Over the years, in order to do justice to the massive spending, IPL franchises have provided players to their sponsors. So as a part of a deal that was almost done between Goibibo and RCB,  Virat was required to share screen with Deepika Padukone in a commercial.



But according to his contract with RCB, Virat could not share commercial space with other celebs. Also, Goibibo was not willing to do an ad with Virat alone, keeping their brand ambassador out of it. Hence, Goibibo chose to opt out of the deal and company’s wish of having advertisement featuring Virat and its brand ambassador Deepika Padukone could not be fulfilled.


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