Virat Kohli’s Overwhelming Gesture Towards His Coach Will Make You Love Him More

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11:22 am 22 Oct, 2016

If you are a die-hard fan of Virat Kohli then you must be aware that Virat shares a really close relationship with his mentor, Rajkumar Sharma. Virat’s guru is the reason behind what he is today. His strict discipline and correct guidance made Virat one of the best batsmen of the Indian cricket team.



Recently, ‘Driven’ a book written by the veteran sports journalist, Vijay Lokapally, revealed a heartwarming gesture shown by Virat towards his mentor.

The book tells the incidents of Teacher’s Day, 2014 when Virat surprised his coach with a brand new car as a token of thanks.



Rajkumar gets emotional whenever he recalls this incident. The moment is special not because his student gifted him a luxurious car but because of the relationship they share!

This is what the book originally says…

I answered the bell and found Vikas (Kohli’s elder brother) at the door,” said Raj Kumar.

His brother’s arrival at his house so early in the day was cause for concern. Vikas stepped into the house, dialed a number and handed his cell phone to Raj Kumar. ‘Happy teacher’s Day Sir,’ said Virat, even as Vikas thrust something into Rajkumar’s palms — a bunch of keys.

Rajkumar stood perplexed as Vikas requested him to step out of his house. A gleaming Skoda Rapid was parked at the gate — a gift from Virat to his mentor.

It was not merely because he had gifted me the car. It was because of his emotional touch to the process of reminding me how much he treasured our association, and valued the role of a teacher in his life.


Virat Kohli is absolutely adorable and this adorable gesture is actually making us fall for him more!

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