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See Virat Kohli’s Childhood Captured In These 9 Rare Photographs

Updated on 2 April, 2016 at 10:58 am By

The man of chase, the current heartthrob, Virat Kohli, who is ruling many Indian’s minds after giving such an amazing performance in the T20 World Cup, is on the path of setting records. The vice captain of Indian Cricket Team is the talk of the town these days, whether it’s about his stupendous performance on field or his heart melting gestures on social media. He has become an idol for many cricket aspirants and has set an example to follow your passion.


We are here with some adorable childhood photographs of Virat Kohli that will surely make you go ‘awww’. Well, even in the photographs he is carrying his on field attitude.


1. Adorably cute baby Virat.



2. Now he smiles when Dhoni finishes the match with boundaries.



3. Was he interested in joining army before he chose cricket?




4. Living life like a boss since 1988.



5. Aggressive Kohli once had a cute side!



6. This photograph of Virat Kohli and Nehra was taken way before he joined cricket team.



7. Awww…



8.  Okay, so he was a foodie as well!



9. Isn’t this family picture heart melting? *so much love*



Credit: Being Indian



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