Virat Kohli Brutally Trolled For Posting Video And Defending Anushka In Littering Case

4:17 pm 19 Jun, 2018


Cricketer Virat Kohli on June 16 posted a video of wife Anushka Sharma in which she was seen stopping and calling out a man in the car and scolding him for alleged littering. As per the video, it looked the couple was traveling early in the morning when they noticed the man. However, later the man claimed that it was just an ‘sq mm of plastic’ which mistakenly went out of the window of his car.

In the video, Anushka put her head out of her car, stopped the man’s car and asked him why he was throwing garbage on the road. She asked him not to throw plastic on the streets and to put them in the dustbin.


You can watch the video below, as posted by Virat Kohli.


True, Virat Kohli not only posted the video but also wrote some harsh lines along with the video, which, in fact, can really hurt anyone in the matter. He also urged people to do the same if they see something wrong happening like that.

After posting the video, the Indian skipper also put out a tweet strongly supporting his wife and taking a dig at people who don’t have the courage to do something like Anushka.



While the cricketer must have shot and posted the video as a way to support his wife as well as to spread awareness about cleanliness, the video didn’t go down well with many people on social media. He was brutally trolled and many termed the video as a cheap publicity stunt by the couple.

See some of the reactions the tweet garnered:


Maybe, our skipper and his wife have not learned that yet, LOL.



True, he couldn’t be professional enough in this case, LOL.



Really? Delhi guys good at that?



Ummm! We never know if he did it to make people aware or to shame the guy.




Virat has deeply disappointed a great fan of his cricketing skills because of this, sad.



You are right, courage is not shaming someone.



Will Virat Kohli ever have the courage to ask that on the government?



Our skipper has disappointed another big fan of his, this time from Pakistan.






And finally, Virat Kohli has lost one of his great Twitter followers, LOL.



What about you? What do you say Virat Kohli has done a terrible mistake by shooting and posting the video?