What Made Virat Kohli And Mohammad Shami Fume At Dickwella On Day 5 Of The Eden Gardens Test

12:44 pm 21 Nov, 2017


Sports means competition. Although sports requires disciplined attitudes to be showcased by the players of all the teams engaged in a particular match, often there occurs brawls and other issues, especially during the tensed times. And that is quite normal. But there are times when it is done to perplex the other team or player and to impel them to waste time. Something similar happened on Day 5 of the Kolkata Test Match between India and Sri Lanka held at the Eden Gardens, which left the Indian skipper and Mohammad Shami literally fuming.

Virat Kohli complaining to the umpires against Dickwella on the final day of the Kolkata Test. BCCI.tv


The Indian skipper Virat Kohli added another feather to his cap as he slammed his 50th international ton and declared the innings at 352/8. He set a target of 231 for Sri Lanka to be chased in the last two sessions. This seemed quite an impossible task for the Sri Lankans, which is perhaps why Dickwella, the Sri Lankan wicket-keeper tried the oldest trick in the books to waste time on part of the Indian team.


It started with Dickwella engaging himself in an animated chat with Chandimal. This was opposed by Indian bowler Ashwin. When this animated chat did not show any sign residing, umpire Nigel Llong stepped in. Even Virat Kohli had a chat with the umpires regarding this.

India was declared the winner at the end of the Test match. Zee News


In fact, there were quite many instances when Sri Lankan players tried to engage in a war of words with Indian players rather than let their bats do the talking. It was pretty clear that all the Lankans wanted was to waste as much time as possible to inch the match towards a draw.

These discrepancies started just after the 15th over, with Dickwella literally taking ages to take his strike in the 19th over. Not just this, he tried to irritate the Indian cricketers with all his might. He even interrupted the run-up of Md. Shami, which necessarily irked up the Indian bowler. Umpire Llong and Virat Kohli had to budge in to mediate the differences.

Even after repeated warnings from the umpires, Dickwella did not stop and once again wasted a lot of time prior to Ravinder Jadeja’s over. This continued till Kohli had to complain and pinpoint at the foul strategy owned by the Sri Lankan players.

What needs to be highlighted is the fact that even with this strategy, Sri Lanka could not save the match. After the culminating over, the umpires called the match in favor of India as even the DRS method could not help Sri Lanka have the last laugh.


Niroshan Dickwella also could not stay at the stumps for long as Bhuvneshwar Kumar caught him in front of the stumps.