Virat Kohli Has Shared A Secret About Hardik Pandya’s Music Playlist And Its Hilarious As Hell

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6:01 pm 6 Nov, 2017


Hardik Pandya is relatively a new member of the Indian cricket team but has carved out a noteworthy spot for himself in the team within the short time he has been playing for the country. The young player is known for being an all-rounder and manages to stay in the limelight for his powerful performance on the ground. But apart from his sport, he also manages to grab people and media’s attention for his personal life as well, be it his cool hairstyle, love for tattoos, or social media posts.


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However, there are still some things about the player that are not known to common public, and one of them is his love for songs. The same was revealed by team captain Virat Kohli while he was present on an episode of television show ‘Breakfast with Champions’. During his chit-chat with show host Gaurav Kapur, he revealed some entertaining information about Pandya’s music playlist.



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NDTV quotes him saying,

“We play just Punjabi music in the dressing room. Most of the players do not carry their iPods. Hardik Pandya has an iPod. It has all English songs.”

Kohli went on to share the most interesting part of the information. He said,

“Pandya listens to English songs but he doesn’t know five words of even a single song. He just grooves to the music beats. We all get irritated with his songs.”


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In the middle of talking about Hardik Pandya, he did share something about himself as well and said,

“I have an iPod and it has all Punjabi songs. I do listen to romantic songs sometimes. There should be a couple of Punjabis in the team. Shikhar Dhawan is there. Me too. We have logistics manager who is Punjabi – Hrishikesh Upadhyay. He is a Gujarati but born in Jalandhar. He is very entertaining.”


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Then Virat continued revealing secrets about Pandya, saying,

“Pandya is one of the entertaining members in the team. But, I haven’t seen anyone as lost as Pandya in my life. Pandya doesn’t think before speak. Once he wanted to take Ash’s (Ravichandran Ashwin) name but he ended up saying, ‘Ravikashyap Ashwin kya bowling karta hai yar’. He is very good at heart but he doesn’t have any control over his tongue.”


Would Hardik Pandya be annoyed or embarrassed as his music playlist secret is out? ZeeNews


We wonder if Pandya is embarrassed or annoyed with Virat after his music playlist secret is out. Meanwhile, you can share your thoughts with us on the same in the comments section below.

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