Virat Kohli Rested On The Ground And Tweeple Turned It Into Hilarious Memes

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2:35 pm 5 Dec, 2017


Team India is in its best form. Playing and winning back to back series has made the players’ schedule really busy these days. They are hardly getting any time to rest. However, some of them still find ways to take a quick power nap in between the matches. Therefore, when smog attack interrupted the India vs Sri Lanka match and the Sri Lankan team decided to arrange some masks for themselves, Team India’s skipper, Virat Kohli thought of resting for a while on the ground itself.


Ya…ya…you must be thinking that Kohli did a Dhoni during the match. Well, that’s what we call sangati ka asar. What happened next is also similar to what happened when Dhoni took a power nap on the field. Yes, you guessed it right! It took no time for Kohli sleeping pictures to go viral on the internet. The pictures worked as a fodder for Twitter and meme makers started using their creative minds.



 Soon, Tweeple flooded the social media platform with hilarious memes and here’s a compilation of the best one for you guys. Enjoy!


Don’t you think that Twitter users are getting more creative day by day? Do share your views in the comments section below!



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