Ravi Shastri Draws More Salary From BCCI Than Virat Kohli. Do You Know Why?

Updated on 9 Dec, 2017 at 2:30 pm


As per a recent report, the coach of Indian cricket team Ravi Shastri is the world’s highest-paid coach at this point in time. Ravi Shastri is paid a salary of $1.17 million per year from the BCCI which is more than Rs 7 crore. What is astonishing is that Ravi Shastri’s salary is more than that of Virat Kohli’s annual pay through BCCI.

Do you know why?


Ravi Shastri.uniquetimes.org

After becoming the coach, Shastri had to put an end to his other work (like commentary, column writing etc.). As per the rules of the BCCI everyone has to do it so as to avoid the clash of interests. However, as a result the BCCI has to compensate for the losses incurred, which is why Shastri is being paid more than Kohli.



Shastri’s salary also does not secure any match fees.

However, despite being paid less by the BCCI, Kohli makes a huge sum of money through advertisements and brand endorsements as he takes over Rs 5 crore per advertisement.


Virat Kohli.intoday.in

When it comes to people who are earning more than Kohli, Shastri is not the only one. Australian captain Steve Smith also earns more than him. As per the report, Smith will certainly draw a sum of $1.4 million this year (almost Rs 7 crore).


Steve Smith.performgroup.com

As per another report, “Ravi Shastri, at $1.17 million per year, is the world’s best-paid coach, and on his salary alone, he earns less only than what the top player from Australia, England, and India earns in a year. By contrast, Australia and England pay their coach around half of what their top player earns as a basic salary.”

In comparison to Shastri’s salary, Australian coach Darren Lehmann earns near about $0.55 million or Rs 3.5 crore per year.

Virat Kohli in conversation with Ravi Shastri.sportzwiki.com


This must have given many coaches around the world a run for their money. Even the most popular player in team India couldn’t bag more than the team’s coach.

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